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Step By Step Steroid Powder, synovex and finaplix Conversions

Steroid Powder Calculator For creating your powder experiments. Need to know how much BA,BB,oil and powder ratios to used in your steroid conversion experiment. Heres a little application that will basically take all the brain work out of making homebrew steroids.

How to Make Injectable Winstrol in Oil with Pictures Converting Winny powder into a stable oil solution Step by step with pictures

Winny in oil This was the very first time winstrol was made into an oil solution. Conversion of winstrol into and injectable. They said it couldn't be done. I proved them wrong and here is the step by step done by a very good friend!!

How to Make Equipoise 200mg per ml With Pictures! Here's a recipe for making 50ml of 200mg/ml EQ (Boldenone Undeclyanate).

Making 50mls Test Enanthate With Pictures Here is a steroid powder recipe for making 50ml of 250mg/ml Testosterone Enanthate, you could follow same steps but use Testosterone Cypionate powder.

Convert Steroid Powders into an Injectable form A how to version of converting steroid powders into an injectable form with pictures. This steroid conversion is meant for the longer estered anabolic steroids such as deca durabolin, testosterone enanthate, trenbolone enanthate etc

Step by Step Finaplix to Tren Conversion I was doing another Finaplix to Trenbolone Acetate conversion. Here is the step by step conversion with pictures

Notacow style 4g Fina-Kit finaplix Conversion A step by step with pictures -Converting finaplix pellets into an injectable form of the steroid, trenbolone acetate

Step by Step How to make Tren from Finaplix A conversion method for the finaplix pellets Component-th into trenbolone acetate By: Ken Dahl

Converting finaplix into trenbolone acetate Step by Step A conversion method for the finaplix-H pellets into an injecatble steroid for muscle enhancement by: willK

Step by Step converting fina into tren A third way of taking the finaplix-H pellets and converting them into an injectable muscle enhancer. trenbolone acetate by: Gimp

Making Test Enanthate from "Powder" by notacow Taking the steroid powder (liquid at room temp) test enanthate and making it into an injectable.

Crystal Fina Method I'm going to make a 2 gram batch of fina. I will first convert the pellets into purified trenbolone acetate powder. Yield is 90% conversion. There are many options at this point, but I will then use the powder to make 100mg/ml tren

Conversion process of synovexAfter taking a couple of Organic Chemistry classes this past year the process of turning Synovex, a common heifer implant into pure Testosterone Propionate at a price of roughly 20 grams for 200 dollars intrigued me. So much so that I couldn't resist. After going over a couple of websites and reading every thread I could find, I decided to play the at-home chemist and instead of making any others interested go to a million different threads to get all the info they need, I decided to document my process for all those interested. Enjoy!

Test Cypionate Step by step conversion of the steroid powder into an injectable form of testosterone cypionate

Capping Anabolic Steroid or Supplement Powders there are easier methods out there when it comes to capping oral Supplements or Steroid powders that produce results that are somewhat less than accurate

Crystallization of Trenbolone Acetate To make the process of Crystallization of Trenbolone Acetate more easy. I would recommend getting some good glassware and an accurate gram/milligram scale before doing such steroid conversions.

Steroid Home brewing frequently asked questions The in's and out of of creating your injectable and orla steroids from powders in the confines of your home

How to Make Bacteriostatic Water Making your own bacteriostatic water using distilled water and benzyl alcohol

The steroid melting test well obviously the 1 bad thing about making your own gear is you get a powder in the mail that's usually white, so how do you know what it really is? what if the source sent the wrong one? or what if he was scandalous and cut it with something to profit more? how do you know?

New converting method for water based test or winny making a waterbased injectable form of testosterone or winstrol

Kitchen Chemists Cookbook A complete set of instructions for converting injectables (both oil and water based), capping orals and making liquid orals as well. The Instructions will be updated periodically, some with pictures as well.

Capping Instructions for the Layman The thought of capping got you intrigued? Confused? Your not alone, enter CAPPING 101. This is 100% how I cap my herbs and supplements, and after years of use I can testify that although simple, it works so follow it blindly

Ethyl Oleate ~ some basic info on using it basic info on using ethyl oleate as a carrier for stort estered steroids like popionate or for higher than normal concentrations of steroids per ml

Guide to Solvents, Compounds, Concentration, and Injection Pain Basic Information on Commonly-used Solvents for steroid conversions

Homebrewed Transdermal recipe A transdermal recipe for your pro hormone or steroid powders

Nasal Spray Here is a way of making finaplix (trenbolone acetate) into a nasal spray. From Par Deus

Transdermal DMSO Method Dimethyl Sulfoxide this used for a transdermal carrier. Dimethyl Sulfoxide is a clear liquid known for its ability to permeate living tissue. It is believed to help stimulate cellular processes.

Making your own magic by Dazed What a wonderful age we live in, where anyone can order a kit to make their own anabolic steroid concoctions from the comfort of their own home. Kits allowing you to convert steroid powders into injectable forms have become very popular in the last few years, because they are a relatively cheap and are an easy way to hook yourself up with the good stuff, with less legal worries. One of the most popular of these kits is the one made by Animal

A Transdermal method using PLOJEL Ultra This brief instruction sheet is designed to allow anyone wanting to incorporate an herb, supplement or drug already in powder form, into PhloJel Ultra. It requires the use of supplies easily obtained or found around the average household. More sophisticated methods of compounding are possible using specific tools intended for compounding pharmacist. These are nit discussed herein.

How To Cap Powders Accurately Although there are easier methods out there when it comes to capping orals they produce results that are somewhat less than accurate. I (SV-1) decided to write this article to show you step by step how to produce caps with a high level of accuracy. Credit goes to AnabolicMaster, ColdStone and Lozgod who helped make this possible.

Instructions for Making Injectables from Powders Converting steroid powders into injectables. Test prop, test enanthate, Deca, Equipoise,

Simple Transdermal Recipe I've heard a couple requests recently for an easy to make transdermal carrier. Phlojel Ultra is an excellent commercial product, but if you're chemically inclined, and you'd like to save a few bucks, here is an old recipe, that's just about as good as it gets for your traditional alcohol-based carriers. From our friends at AM, scrubbed up, and hopefully coherent enough to follow.

Steroid Powder Calculator used to help you in your conversion experiments

All about Plogel PLO gel or pluronic lecithin organogel is a transdermal carrier used by compounding pharmacists to deliver NSAIDS,narcotics and other drugs through the skin when other routes of administration are not viable. PLO gel is similar to the system used in the testosterone preparation Androgel. PLO gel is non-irritating to the skin, absorbs quickly and is practically odorless. It is best used with drugs with molecular weights less that 400

How To Cap Powders Accurately A capping device and empty gel caps. The two most popular capping devices are the "Cap-M-Quick" and "The Capsule Machine". The cap-m-quick does 50 caps at a time but you have to manually join the caps by hand. The capsule machine only does 24 caps at a time but automatically joins them for you. Both of these devices can be purchased to use either size "0" or "00" caps (size "0" caps are smaller than size "00"). I prefer the capsule machine and size "0" caps, but either device in either size is fine

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