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Weightlifting and workout facts

"What works for someone might not work for you.

This is one of the most important things you need to learn. Someone might have great looking huge arms from doing 9 sets for biceps, while someone else (like myself) can see great gains from only doing 4 sets! When i first started working out i did 9 sets total for biceps. Thats what the magazines said you MUST do, and thats what a friend of mine in the gym says he does. So i did it, and saw no gains. So i changed it. I did 6 sets instead. After about a month or 2, i saw some gains! So i figured, if going from 9 sets to 6 worked, lets go even lower. So i did 4 sets and within a few months the results and gains were coming like crazy! 

The point of this story? Try something, if it works, stick with it, if it doesn't, change it. Its just that simple. If you can understand that little fact then you can bet on getting that body you want! If whatever your doing isn't working, change it. Whether its the exercises, the number of sets, the days of the week you do each muscle or anything else, if its not working, change something, change it all, who knows! Do whatever it takes and work as long as it takes until you find what works for you. Because once you find that one routine, that 1 number of sets and reps and exercises that works for you, you will be damn happy you spent the time looking for it. 

Abs and ab workouts. Want to know the truth about what exactly you have to do to get perfect abs? To read the site feature about abs and ab workouts, click here! 

Genetics, some people use them as an excuse for looking bad. "I have bad genetics, therefore i must be fat and get picked on and made fun of and be called fat" or "i have bad genetics, therefore i will always weigh 100lbs and get beat up by everyone because im so skinny." That is all total 100% bullshit! If your fat, its not your genetics, sure they play a part in making you fat, but its your fault you stay fat! If your skinny, stop complaining that because your dads so skinny, and your mom is so skinny, that you will forever have to be a skinny little punk. Its your parents fault for giving you those skinny genes, but its your fault for staying skinny! The skinny kid can gain weight and put on muscle, and the fat kid can loss weight and put on muscle. Everyone can win, you just have to play the game and play it right! 

There are 3 body types... 

Ectomorph - These are the skinny people. These guys have the fastest metabolism of them all. The ones who have been skinny all there life. They are skinny for a reason. This body type makes these ectomorphs lucky and unlucky. Good news, they are lucky because they will always have a lower body fat then all the other body types. These guys will be able to loss weight and loss fat faster then everyone else. Bad news, its extremely hard for these guys to gain weight and muscle mass. These guys have to eat and eat and eat to put on just a little weight. 

Mesomorph - These guys have the best of both worlds. These are the in-between people. The ones that might be skinny, might be fat, or might be in the middle. They have a metabolism slower then the ectomorphs, but its a little harder for them to lose weight, and a little easier for them to gain weight.. 

Endomorph - The slowest metabolism of them all. These guys have the hardest time losing weight and keeping it off. But these guys have it easy when it comes to gaining weight, problem is, they gain to much.. 

Figure out which one is you. I am an ectomorph, I was always refered to as "skin and bones" by my grandma. But just because im an ectomorph, that doesn't mean i can't be 200lbs of pure muscle, with a 5% body fat. And the endomorphs can be 120lbs if they want to be. They can be called skin and bones by their grandma's. They can also be 200lbs of pure muscle, or.. they can even be 275lbs of pure muscle because of their weight gaining ease. Mesomorphs can be all of the above.. 

Stretching. One of the most over looked parts of working out. You must stretch. Aside from flexablitity, stretching is VERY important when it comes to injuries. Not stretching properly increases the risk of getting injured. Not only that, but stretching warms up the muscle. It gets the blood pumping. A warm muscle is a strong muscle! Remember that. So be sure to do a few minutes of stretching before every workout. And in between sets, stretch! Whatever muscle you are working out at the time, stretch it in between every set!.You'll thank me later.. 

Injuries and proper form.
You would not beleive how many workout related injuries there are these days. Some people are just stupid. I read this quote once at a site just like mine a few years ago.. "When you go to the gym, leave your ego at the door." What that means, is, when you step into the gym, forget about that hot chick watching you workout, forget about those big guys working out next to you, forget about seeing your friend there. DON'T TRY TO SHOW OFF TO ANYONE! I see it almost every day, people of all ages doing way to much weight then they can handle and they are doing it with terrible form because its so much weight. Did you come to the gym to get in shape, get muscular and lose fat, or did you come to lift really heavy weights? Im not saying dont' lift heavy weights. Lift heavy always! But only lift as heavy as you can where you can still use perfect form. Going too heavy for one set and messing up form just for that one set can cause an injury. If the weight you are using is causeing you to break form, lower the weight and don't think twice about it.

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