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Fast Mass Builders

Written for

Today I wanted to talk a bit about a certain group of compounds, the fast mass builders. What I mean by this is the drugs that will pack on mass as fast as possible for the user. Before I get into it though, I should mention that these drugs will add mass including water retention. This isn't to say you will get fat as your diet and cardio, not the drugs will control that. These drugs are for those that want to get big and strong as fast as humanly possible. However you must remember that the faster the gains happen, the easier it is to lose them, so proper follow up is just as important as the initial gains. OK here we go...

If you are looking to pack on mass in a hurry then the drugs I will talk about are the ones for you. Ok already so which ones.... OK.

- Anadrol : this drug is well known for it's highly anabolic properties and for giving the user very full rounded muscles. It works quickly and effectively to help the user gain mass and strength in a hurry. The downside is it carries many sides for a lot of users. Very common are painful pumps, water retention, acne, headaches, nausea, lack of appetite, lethargy, high blood pressure and often nosebleeds. A lot of these side effects can be attributed to the massive amount of water retention with this drug. Thy will cease after the drug is stopped usually, but can sometimes be bad enough to make the user stop. This is an oral drug dosed commonly at 25 or 50mg per tablet and is fairly easy to find. Common dosages are between 50 and 150mg per day. Since it is an oral, it is not recommended for beginners to run it longer then 4 weeks and advanced users should run it no longer then 6. It should also be noted that it is not common to find fakes of this drug.
Rating (out of 5): Effects - 5 Side Effects - 4

- Dianabol : D-bol, the almighty...
This drug is so well known that you will hear people who know nothing about steroids talk about it or reference it when cracking jokes about someone being on steroids. This drug is widely available and used by many many users. Pretty much anyone who has ever used steroids has used d-bol and newbies tend to want to run it as a cycle itself.... This drug causes fast gains in mass and strength and is often compared to anadrol. A lot of people believe D-bol to be more powerful on a mg to mg basis since d-bol is often taken at no more then 30 or 40mg and similar results to what users get from anadrol is seen. The effects of this drug as I mentioned are similar to Anadrol however most think they are not as drastic. In my opinion it is more a personal choice then anything. D-bol also seems to carry less sides and makes a user feel better while on it. It creates a sense of well being and usually the only sides will be some acne, raised blood pressure (not as common as with drol), water retention, and possibly painful pumps. This drug is an oral tablet most commonly, but can also be found as an injectable that can be drank or injected. The tabs are usually dosed as 5 or 10mg and taken at 30-50mg per day. Fakes are not too common with this drug either. Overall I think d-bol is a better choice for users who do not like side effects.
Rating (out of 5): Effects - 5 Side Effects - 2.5

- Testosterone : Some may be wondering why I would list this.... I mean test is a base, but to be listed as a fast mass builder?? The reason is because you have options of esters. With a suspension or maybe even a propionate ester, test will peak in your blood levels much faster and start your mass gains more quickly. Suspension is well known for this, so that is the drug I will discuss. Users report fast gains of mass and strength when using suspension, but they also report the sides to be more drastic then with a long ester. So while users will add mass quickly they will also experience some side effects such as, water retention, acne, and maybe raised blood pressure. Users report some great intensity and aggression in the gym if the drug is taken close to workout times. The downside of this drug is really the same as the upside.... It's ester and fast acting half life. Because of this it must be injected frequently. A min of twice a day is said to be best, but for those who can take it blood levels would be more even with a 4 times a day injection schedule.... Can you say pincushion? It should also be noted that a lot of users report sore or painful injection sites from injecting suspension and often have a hard time even getting it through the needle. This is because it is water based and has some particles in it. The reason for the soreness is usually because your muscle absorbs the water faster then the hormone particles and whats left is hormone crystals which irritate the site. This can be quite uncomfortable for some. With that said, it is important to know your pain tolerance and check into how painful certain brands are before you try to run this drug. Test suspenion is made under various brand names and is commonly 50mg or 100mg/ml. It is an injectable and commonly taken at 50-150mg per day.
Rating (out of 5): Effects - 4 Side Effects - 2

Deca (nandrolone) : This is probably just behind d-bol as the most well known steroid going. It doesn't carry many side effects and can pack on some mass in good time. Generally speaking, regular deca needs at least 4 weeks to peak in the blood, and thus should not be included here in this topic... However, with NPP (nandrolone phenylpropionate) on the market you can now hit your peak levels in less then a week. With the fast acting version, you should get the same effects which is some great mass building. Users have reported less water retention for some reason with the fast acting version of this drug, so it may not give you the bloat regular deca does. NPP is gaining popularity since many people like to use deca but don't want to wait so long for it to kick in or don't want the bloat. It is an injectable and commonly dosed at 50-100mg/day. It is a little harder to find then the other drugs mentioned, but it's out there.
Rating (out of 5): Effects - 3 Side Effects - 1

I feel like I am forgetting someone, but those were the main ones I wanted to touch on today. I know there is many people who want to pack on mass and quick. If that's what you want, then these drugs are for you. However, you must remember a couple things. First, these drugs bring a lot of water retention so be aware of that. But embrace it and live with it if you want the full effect of these drugs because the water retention is part of the reason they build mass so quickly. Do not use a bunch of Arimidex while on suspension and drol to get big.... It is working against your goal. If you don't want to look like the state puff marshmallow man, then use a small amount of an anti-e or avoid drugs like these that aromatize so much. Second, realize that you must follow up these drugs for a while with the rest of the cycle. Don't go on these for 6 weeks then stop.... You will lose most of your gains. More importantly, be sure to do proper PCT!

Have a great day, and happy growing!!
Crankin'steiN Mod at

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