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Finaplix - Trenbolone Acetate

Finaplix is a Veterinarian cattle implant. It contains a potent androgenic steroid, namely Trenbolone acetate. This drug was widely available in an injectable form in the US labeled Finaject. The production of Finaject was discontinued and throughout the world for about a decade. Finaplix is the last viable source fore the steroid trenbolone acetate. There are many different varieties of Finaplix, Finaplix-h, Finaplix component-th and one that contains estradiol, which is an estrogen. namely Revalor. The first two are the ones that body builders use to convert to trenbolone. There is no discernable difference in potency between Finaplix H and Finaplix component TH. Component-TH just has twice as much Finaplix. 
So 2 cartridges of Finaplix-h is equal to 1 cart of Finaplix component-th. Trenbolone acetate is not readily converted into estrogen. Since it is in pellet form which contain binders. for bodybuilding purposes, it needs to be converted and or the binders removed for injectable purposes. There are a few methods for which to do this. One is a transdermal method in which the pellets are just crushed and added to a gel such as DMSO or Phlojel and rubbed onto the skin. Injectable methods are a little more in involved. There are step-by-step detailed instructions which can be found on other pages within this site. (with pictures). Bodybuilders have reported great strength and lean body mass gains with only rare cases of gyno and no water retention. Also with the great attributes reported thus far, there is one other. It has been seen to be very effective in burning and or shedding body fat while at the same time, avoiding as much water as possible. Giving your that paper thin skin appearance. 
Finaplix can be toxic as are many other steroids. It is not a beginner drug and should be read thoroughly before even considering this steroid. Some have stated that it's toxic on the kidneys. I've seen no proof of this, but it's better to err on the side of caution. Use your liver and Kidney protectants. Also to be cautious, bodybuilders will only use the this steroid on the average of 4 to 6 weeks.

All of this makes Finaplix very appealing to both competitive athletes as well as the home bodybuilder because of it's being readily available and easily converted. 

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