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Minimizing Side Effects of using steroids

Written for

Everyone loves the effects of Steroids but no one likes the side effects, and rightly so as a lot of them can be quite nasty and permanent. So when someone is deciding to cycle it would be a good idea for them to know ahead of time how to avoid and/or minimize the potential side effects that they may get from their steroid cycle. Now, obviously which drugs you are running during the cycle and the dosages will make a big difference as to what sides you are at risk for. As well, each person is different and which sides as well as to what degree will depend greatly just on them and their body. I will go over some of the most common sides and how to avoid or minimize them..... This could be a long one!

GYNECOMASTIA (aka bitch tits) - This is the first one that comes to mind
because it is very common and an awful side effect for a man. This is fatty tissue built up around the nipple which makes the nipples puffy or starts to form the mans pecs into what looks more like breasts. Sounds awful I know, but it is fairly easy to control and avoid but you must be prepared ahead of time! Always always have Nolvadex on hand if you are going to cycle and enough of it to run for the whole cycle. Taking Nolvadex at the first sign of gyno (itchy or sore nipples usually) will prevent it from getting any worse and stop it in it's tracks usually within a few days. Normally you would take about 40mg every day until the symptoms stop, then continue with 20mg every day for the rest of the cycle. You must also know how to, and follow through with proper PCT or you may get gyno.

ACNE - I have written a whole article about this that you should be able to find on this board, but I will go over it quickly. I'm assuming everyone knows what it is, so here's how you can minimize it. Keep hormone levels as steady as possible (inject more often and do proper PCT). Shower immediately after your workout, and keep your skin as clean as possible. That means washing your face with a gentle face wash (NOT SOAP) at least a couple times a day. Also, change your sheets often, and never wear a shirt after you have sweat in it. Over the counter acne creams will help and can be effective depending on how bad the acne is. Basically try those before moving up to any kind of prescription acne med.

STRETCH MARKS - Most people who use AAS will get these to some extent because they are growing fast and the skin can't stretch quickly enough to keep up. Using a vitamin E cream on the major spots (pec tie ins, tris, upper inner quad, etc) should help the elasticity of the skin. Also taking a vitamin E supplement has been said to help.

CHOLESTEROL LEVELS - It is common for users to experience changes in their cholesterol levels. Bad cholesterol goes up while on cycle, and can stay that way for some time afterwards. It is important to keep your good cholesterol up as well to keep your risk ratio down. Simply doing cardio can do this. And to bring down your high bad cholesterol you can use flax seed and/or red yeast rice pills.

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE - This is most common when using drugs that cause a lot of water retention, however it should definitely be watched. Checking your blood pressure regularly is important, and if it is high you can try to bring it down several ways. Cardio will help. Avoid eating too much sodium, or taking in too much caffeine or alcohol. Adding an anti-estrogen can also help since it should bring down the water retention and help combat further water retention.

LONG TERM SIDE EFFECTS - No one can for sure tell you what these may be. But there is one thing I am sure of, and that is that getting your blood work done regularly is the best way to protect yourself from harsh long term side effects in the future.

Other tips: Drink lots of water... Water helps cleanse your system and keep you healthy. Also, many people while on steroids take supplements such as Milk Thistle to protect their liver especially when taking oral steroids.

Have a great day, and happy growing!!
Crankin'steiN Mod at

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