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Pharmaceutical Name: Clostebol Acetate
Chemical Names: 4-chloro-testeosterone, 4-chloro-androsten-3-one-17beta-ol
Molecular weight of base: 322.8741
Molecular weight of ester: 60.0524
Active Life: 8-12 hours (oral version), 2-3 days (injectable version)
Anabolic/Androgenic Ratio (Range): 46/25

Clostebol acetate is a mild anabolic steroid that exhibits low androgenic effects and moderate anabolic ones. It is primarily produced for use in cattle, however its use has been banned by numerous countries, although this is not due to any health related concerns that they drug produces in treated animals (1, 2). The results produced in treated livestock, as well as some research indicating the use of the drug being suitable for some therapeutic treatments in humans (3), has sparked some interest in strength athletes and bodybuilders about the compound.

For the most part clostebol acetate is considered to be a mild anabolic because of its low androgenic and anabolic nature. It does not exhibit the chemical makeup that is capable of producing large gains in strength and/or muscle mass that many other drugs do. However it also does not exhibit the potential to produce severe androgenic or estrogenic side effects in users either. The lack of estrogenic side effects is a result of the lack of the ability of the compound to aromatize due to a 4-chloro substitution in the A ring of the compound (4). This alteration itself negates any possibility of estrogenic side effects from appearing in male users for the most part.

Clostebol acetate appears in several versions. Injectable, oral and even topical creams have all been produced. However, only the oral and injectable versions of the drug would be suitable for the purposes of strength athletes and bodybuilders. The topical creams and ointments that are produced currently simply do not have the potency to be effective in attempting to gain muscle and strength.

The oral version of clostebol acetate is not 17 alpha alkylated like most other oral steroids. This means that the liver toxicity associated with the drug is far less then other steroids. However this also means that the amount of the drug that actually clears the system of the user and becomes active in the body is at a relatively low ratio to the amount that is administered. For this reason larger doses of the oral version of the drug must be ingested in comparison to the injectable.

The clostebol acetate injectable, as it name suggests, utilizes the acetate ester to help slow absorption of the drug into the blood stream. This ester has only two carbon atoms and is the quickest of the esters that is used commonly in the production of anabolic steroids. For this reason frequent injections are required when administering clostebol acetate or any drug that uses the acetate ester.

For the most part, the gains in strength and muscle size that the user will experience while using clostebol acetate will be moderate. It is not an overly powerful drug and as such will not produce overly dramatic gains. However with this comes the benefit that it is a relatively safe drug for use, including for women. When combined with other anabolic compounds many users will find that it will provide quality gains in lean mass while not causing estrogenic side effects such as excessive water retention or severe androgenic side effects.

Use and Dosing of MEGAGRISEVIT

Due to the drug not being a 17 alpha alkylated steroid, even in its oral form, clostebol acetate can be run for lengthy cycles with no significant burden being put upon the liver of the user. This combined with the mild nature of the drug and the limited potential for serious side effects to develop with use of clostebol acetate makes it a relatively safe compound for most users to administer. Cycles lasting several months are not uncommon and should not be detrimental to the general health of the individual if the regular precautions are taken, realizing that there is always a potential for complications to arise with any anabolic/androgenic steroid, even when said steroids are considered to be mild in nature.

In terms of the frequency needed for dosing, the oral version of the drug needs to be administered roughly twice per day to maintain some of the compound being active in the body of the user. The active life is approximately eight to twelve hours so twice daily doses should be sufficient. As for the injectable version of clostebol acetate, injections every day or every other day are needed to maintain fairly consistent levels of the compound is the system of the user.

Dosing amounts will vary depending upon which version of the drug one chooses to administer. For male users administering the oral version of clostebol acetate, doses ranging from approximately 25-70 milligrams per day should produce good results in most users. As for the injectable, doses in the range of 20-40 milligrams per day should be more then adequate for male users, remembering of course that the injectable version has to be administered at least every other day.

For female users 10 milligrams per day of the oral version of the compound would be a good starting point to gauge the dosing needed for the user, with higher doses of course being negotiable once one knows how they tolerate the drug. For the injectable doses of 50 to 100 milligrams per week are seemingly the norm for most users.

Risks and Side Effects while using MEGAGRISEVIT

Hepatoxicity is not a concern with clostebol acetate because, as mentioned previously, the drug is not 17 alpha alkylated despite the fact that it does indeed remain chemically active when administered orally (3). Of course the trade off for the lack of potential liver toxicity is that the sum total of the drug that survives to actually remain active is diminished. However this does allow the user to run cycles that are much longer in duration then with other oral anabolic steroids. Of course the lack of hepatoxicity associated with clostebol acetate is also true of the injectable version of the drug.

Similarly, estrogenic side effects should not be experienced by the majority of users of clostebol acetate. Side effects such as gynocomastia, water retention, among others should not be a factor for male users even when using relatively large doses of the compound. This is due to the fact that there is a 4-chloro substitution in the A ring and therefore this drug does not have the ability aromatize. For this reason no ancillary drugs would be necessary to combat estrogen related negative side effects, at least from this compound alone.

In female users, because of the low androgenic nature of the drug, symptoms of virilization such as body hair growth, deepening of the voice, and clitoral enlargement among others should not be a concern for the vast majority of users. Even at relatively large doses no problems should arise.


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4. Llewellyn, William. Anabolics 2004, 2003-4, Molecular Nutrition, p. 118

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