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Reconstitution + Dosing schedule of the CJC-1295 + GHRP-2 bodybuilding peptides

I've been asked this numerous times, so I figured I would post it up.. it's quite a simple schedule

Each day would consist of
1 injection of 100mcg of CJC-1295 +
100-200 mcg GHRP-2 three times a day. at
  1. in the morning on an empty stomach 25 minutes before eating
  2. in the afternoon - PWO
  3. finally just before bed

5mg ghrp-2 vial reconstitute with 2.5mls of bac water = 2000mcgs per ml = each 10mark on the slin pin = 200mcgs

2mg CJC-1295 vial reconstitute with 2mls of bac water = 2000mcgs per ml = each 10mark on the slin pin = 100mcgs

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