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Steroid advice for women

Fact of the matter is many many ladies still come to men for advice on how to use steroids. Unfortunately most men don't have a clue and choose NOT to give advice but some others do give advice and it's not always good advice. There are, however, a few men that know what they are talking about when it comes to steroid use for women.

I think I have a good grasp on how a woman should use steroids.
I got this "know how" through personal research with my wife and through trial and error with my wife. I have also trained national level female bodybuilders, so I know what big doses are and also what they can do in regard to muscle gain and androgenic sides.

Guys...if you want to advise your woman on how to take gear then you better listen up or you could cause a lot of androgenic sides and she won't be pleased with that at all.

REALGAINS AND WIFE steroid advice for women.
I'll try to keep it brief and simple.

Women need to be fully aware of their goals BEFORE using gear. If they have the genetics to compete at the national level and WANT TO then they need to know that fairly heavy steroid use is REQUIRED if they are going to stand a chance in Hell of winning anything. Steroid choice for these women should still be primarily limited to the milder androgens but the doses with be highish and stacking common place.

MOST ladies are recreational lifters or minor competitors and do not have the genetics nor the interest in "going all the way" The advice below is geared towards these women and those that want to compete at local and perhas state events and at a high level in "fitness" competitions"


My wife has tried many steroids so I will relate good gear choices, cycles, results, and advice through her experience. She did all the following cycles for about 12 weeks.

Primo 100mg/week started at about 75mg/weekand increased to 100 by about week 6
EQ at 75mg/week
Winstrol 10mg/day in two doses
Winstrol 20mg/day orally in two doses/day
Winstrol 25mg IM every 3rd day
TESTOTERONE! 60mg/weekof prop, 15mg every other day for 6 weeks only. Stopped due to increased facial hair, large clit and a cracking voice. Hair has been lasered off thank God!
Nandrolone phenylprop 100mg/week. Started at about 75mg/week and increased to 100 after about week 6. Tken at 25mg every other day due to short half life.

Nandrolone phenylprop 75mg/week and anavar 20mg/day in three doses/day.
Anavar 10mg/day in two doses
Anavar 15mg/day in three doses
Anavar 20mg/day in three doses
Anavar 25mg/day in three doses


All the above cycles gave good results in lean muscle gain and strength gain.
She experienced water retention on all cycles.
The nadrolone gave slightly more water retention than the others, except test, but she shoulders never hurt her while lifting heavy.


Avoid the strong androgens at all costs(d-bol, test, IM tren etc).
Mild androgens can be very androgenic if dose is too large.
Test was by far the most androgenic hormone used followed by EQ. She ranks all others used as "about the same" doses although she experienced a few androgenic sides with the higher doses of Winstrol IM.
* Was aware of greater bioavailablity of IM hormones so she lowered weekly IM dose accordingly.


Sides very minor but still there on as little as 10-15 mg of Var and Winstrol (minor acne on shoulders and some water retention.)

Acne on the shoulders on all cycles(mild) Worst on EQ and Test
Slight voice "hoarseness" in the voice at times that went away after stopping. Worst on EQ
Major cracking of voice on test.

As said, a fair amount of hair growth on upper lip while on test. A little(very minor) while on the steroids except low dose Var and low dose oral winny. All lasered off.

Clit got really big on test..about 5mm long and much thicker too. has gone down a bit but still large. She thinks this has been good for her sexually.

Water retention on all cycles and worse as dose increased.


She liked the Primo and Var about the same, although she no longer uses Primo as she is afraid to get a fake.
So Var is now her #1 choice for herself and women in general and Denkall is her favorite brand as it has been tested as 100% pure and well dosed too. Second choice is Loeffler.

AND>>>>>>> her liver panel and lipid panel remained UNCHANGED after 8 weeks on 25mg of VAR/day! (piss me off )


Avoid deca as nandrolone phenylprop is safer as one can "bail out" of a cycle if sides get bad. If you must use test use prop, for the same reason.
Be aware that Primo is almost always faked(deca) and that even if it is real it is in a long acting etser(enathate). Primo acetate is no longer available as far as we know.
EQ is also in a long acting ester.
If bad sides come on you MAY be able to bail out of a cycle with short acting/clearing injectables.

THE BIGGEST MISTAKE WOMEN MAKE according to my wife.

#1."They take up to 50mg of IM winstrol every other day, and that is way too much. They then say that winstrol is a "snake bite roid" or "not for most women" when the real culprit is the IM route and excessive dose. Many women do not understand that IM steroids are much more bioavailable than oral steroids and as such doses should be lowered"

#2. "Stacking" is not needed for all but the advanced competitor and can lead to excessive doses and androgenic sides" Always try each of the steroids that you want to use separately before trying to stack.

#3. "Too much too soon PEROID!"


My wife has always had a low test level. Many ladies(even young ladies) do not produce enough test in the adrenals and ovaries. Any women that has a test level of 30 or less doesn't have enough test for optimal sex drive and athletic function.
SO...she takes test gel from a compounding pharmacy every day at 2.5mg transderamally. This has rasied her T level to the mid normal range at about 55. When she wants to retain more of her mass post cycle she ups the dose to 5mg /day. This jacks her T level up to high normal for a woman(about 90)

So if ladies want to retain more mass post cycle maybe they should get there T level tested (after a couple mounths off gear of course) Few ladies have a T level in the high normal range and many have a low test level. Maybe your T level is low.

This is how you achieve a very low T level, if your T level is adequate, so your doc will prescribe T gel... take a steroid for a month and then go to your doctor complaining about a non existant sex drive. Ask for your T level to be tested. It will come back very low due to the steroid use. Then ask for a script of test gel from a "compounding Pharmacy"


My wife and I recommend 10mg of Anavar a day in two-three divided doses for 12 weeks as a beginning cycle. Denkall is our first choice.
If you can't find Var then try winstrol at about the same dose orally.

We DO NOT recommend that anyone go above the doses my wife has used as she feels she has pushed the dose to a realistic max.

Some ladies will react worse to androgens than others so START SMALL. Some can get away with quite a lot of gear and some can only use small amounts without bothersome sides.

* Some women react differently to each of the milder androgens, although my wife didn't notice much difference, so some experimentation and selective tinkering may be in order.

REALGAINS and his top trainees.

Well ladies and gents I am currently training a national level competitor and she is on 200 of deca a week, 25 of Var/day, 25 of winstrol/day , 4 of GH and slin too. She looks great and is very big but she is very pretty and with a sexy "build". Unfortunately she sounds like a guy, especially over the phone. Thats the price most women have to pay to reach the top.

BTW the pros use more!

ALSO....don't take this advice as "gospel". This is just some general good advice for most women we think. It has been "our experience"and our .02

~~~RG and wife~~~

Written by Realgains

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