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Crystallization of Trenbolone Acetate

To make the process of Crystallization of Trenbolone Acetate more easy. Otherwise known as white fina or crystal tren. Using finaplix cattle implants and extracting trenbolone acetate crytals or powder from it

I would recommend getting some good glassware and an accurate gram/milligram scale before doing such steroid conversions. It really does make the process go more smoothly.

--NaOH preparation--
Accurately weigh 4g of NaOH (pellets) and place them in a 100mL volumetric flask. Add ~75mL of water and allow the pellets to fully dissolve. Dilute the flask to the 100mL mark and mix the solution well.

In a 400mL beaker, dissolve 4g of tren ace in 100mL of methanol. Using a syringe, draw up 14mL of the NaOH solution and squirt it into the tren-methanol solution. Swirl the beaker for a few seconds, and allow it to stand at room temperature for an hour.

Using a syringe, slowly add very cold water to the beaker (while swirling) until the precipitate refuses to redissolve into the solution. At this point, add an additional 3mL of water to the beaker and allow it to stand for an hour. Continue to add 3mL of water every 45 minutes, allowing the solution to stand undisturbed in between the water addition. (This is the longest part of the procedure; it can take many hours).

When a precipitate doesn't form from adding additional water, filter the contents of the beaker through a coffee filter. Rinse the crystals well with water many (~5) times. Allow the crystals to thoroughly dry (~3 days).

I must mention that I have not personally crystallized tren no ester. The MeOH + water method generally works well for steroid hormones, but sometimes oddball substances refuse to play nice. Hopefully, tren no ester is not an oddball substance.

*Note: This procedure is for tren powder. If one is using finaplix pellets as the starting material, it is necessary to filter out the methyl cellulose binders first before saponification.

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