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Supplementation while using anabolic steroids

Written for

Today I'm going to touch on the subject of supplementation. This will not be specific to supplements used by steroid users but general supplements for bodybuilding, natural or otherwise. I will list some supplements that I consider necessities, and some that are good to use but not totally necessary. Some people will agree and some will disagree with me, but let me tell you that when I say necessity, I mean you should not be bodybuilding without it EVER. I would also like to take this opportunity to make it very clear that supplements are just that, supplements for real food. That means that if you can get all your nutrients from real food, then that will always be superior to supplements. This has maybe one exception which would be your post workout meal. A protein shake is the best choice here so that the protein can be absorbed and used right away during the critical period after your workout. OK on to the supplement choices:



This is at the top of my list, no if ands or buts about this you MUST use a protein supplement. First of all, I don't know too many people who can get between 1-2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight daily from real food. Second of all, as mentioned above, there is times when a protein shake may be superior to real food. What's so important about protein? Protein contains amino acids which are literally the building blocks of your muscles. Without protein you will be unable to build muscle at all, and a lot of your bodily functions require protein as well. Hence this is the reason you need an above average intake of protein when trying to build more muscle. There is different kinds of proteins available, but I won't get into all of that. I will say however, that whey protein isolate is a great choice for after your workout since it has such a high bioavailability.


This is my only other supplement that I consider 100% necessary to a bodybuilder. The reason is because it is a fact that most people do not currently get in all the vitamins their body needs daily. We just don't eat the right balance of foods, and a lot of the time the foods we eat are not very nutritious. Therefore this supplement is a must to make sure you get all the vitamins in daily that your body needs. This will keep your body functioning properly and will allow it to work as efficiently as possible while you are trying to build new muscle.



This tops my list of optional supplements because it can be very effective at helping the user gain strength, muscle and increase recovery ability. This supplement has been a huge hit since it came out and continues to be used by most everybody. There is a new version of it called Creatine Ethyl Ester, and I have tried it. In my opinion CEE is actually better then the original monohydrate version of creatine and it worked better for me. Either way, adding creatine to your lineup of supplements can be very beneficial. Creatine is something that is found in meat and is a natural substance. The reason for supplementing with it is to get much higher amounts of it per day which is what causes the effects that people report from the supplement. Without these high amounts per day you can not get these effects. Creatine can be used all the time in my opinion, and would be dependent on the users funds I would think.


I'm up in the air on this one. From what I read about it, it seems like a great addition. However, the feedback I hear about it seems to be a little different. I have heard from some that it is a useless product and doesn't do what it claims. I'm not sure you would really know for sure if the product was working or not, which is why I am weary to even list it here. However, like I said, if it does what it is supposed to then it would be a great addition. So, you really have to make a personal decision on this one. I would say if funds are short, then don't bother with this. If you aren't worried about the cost of your supplements, then maybe add it.

Flax seed oil fish oil

Taking these is a great addition for sure. This will give you good fats in your diet and also add a healthy dose of omega 3's. Along with giving you these things in your diet, there is also health benefits related to these. It helps reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure, and also helps with stomach functions as well as acts as a gentle laxative for aiding in the digestion process. In general by simply adding these to your daily supplement regimen you will reap an array of health benefits. Some short term and some long term.

Well there is my list. It's not all that long but I really don't think you need too many fancy supplements in your regimen to build a good body. Also I didn't get into specific supplements such as liver protectants for those that are using steroids. As far as all the other dozens of supplements that you can find at a supplement store, I consider most to be useless and a waste of money. I feel most products are over hyped and produce minimal to zero results for the users. It's easy to see why I say this if you pay attention to the supplement market because there is a new miracle supplement hitting the shelves every few months... And if you watch you can also see them disappear or lose popularity slowly as people try them and hate them after wasting their hard earned cash on them. So for me, I stick to the tried tested and true supplements for today and I will keep my eyes open for future developments, but definitely won't try things based on hype and advertisements. I'll let everyone else try them and add them later if the reviews are as good as the product claims are.

Have a great day, and happy growing!!
Crankin'steiN Mod at

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