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The Benefits of Weight Lifting For Women

Despite the overwhelming benefits of weight lifting for women, why are so many women scared to lift weights?
Because they're fearful of turning into raging hulks or gaining the muscle of an Arnold Schwarzenegger.
But this simply does not happen and should not prevent women from using resistance training in their fat loss plans.
Men and women need to train and work out similarly if they want to see results.

Most people want to:
1. Gain lean muscle or get toned up
2. Lose body fat
3. Increase strength/endurance/energy

Or all of the above.
And the thing is, whether you're a man or women, those things are achieved the same way, using the same process of weight training, cardio, and nutrition.

They have to be, it's cause and effect.
Much like a man and woman will get a sunburn the same way (light or sun) a man and woman need to train the same way to get leaner and more toned.

Human beings lose fat and gain lean muscle in the same manner. Physiologically, they have to.
Now, some of the RESULTS will be different for men and women, but the approach should be the same.
The reason the results may differ is that weight lifting for women cannot build as much muscle as men can.
Women do not have enough testosterone in their bodies to pack on a lot of muscle.
So they tend to lose fat and tone up, where as men will gain more bulky muscle.
But again, the approach for men and women must be the same if any results are to be achieved.
In fact, weight lifting for women is one of the best ways to prevent against bone diseases.

Weight-lifting exercises monitored by University of Arizona researchers showed that women can maintain and build their bone mass and muscle strength in the hip and spine areas, where most fractures occur from the brittle bone disease of osteoporosis.

The study also showed these exercises help build and preserve the muscle mass lost during aging.
The more stimulation the bones receive, the denser they will be.
It's important to gradually increase the weight in these workouts. When you have reached the maximum amount you can lift, vary the routines so you're putting different forces on muscles and bones.
Without a doubt, weight lifting for women should be top priority when it comes to losing weight, toning up, or just plain getting into shape.

A few other benefits of weight lifting for women are:

*** Weight training can also help improve a person's mood.
*** People who begin weight training can expect substantial increasing in strength.
*** Weight training also will increase muscle endurance, making aerobic exercise easier.

Bottom line...weight lifting for women is a must for overall great health!
Are you just starting out and beginning to learn how to weight train?
Or maybe you're advanced and want to be doing the best methods for losing weight and toning up.

by Shawn LeBrun, Certified Personal Trainer

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