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Klaudia Larson's Training routine

Klaudia Larson
Swedish Female IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and Model
Weight competition: 57 kg.
Off-season: 60-68 kg
Length: 162 cm
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blond
Bench press: 110 kg
Biceps: 37 cm
Calf: 39 cm
Love: Travel, animals, summer & sun!


For the time being my training schedule is like this:
Day 1: Chest and Shoulders
Day 2: Front Legs (Quads)
Day 3: Back and Abs
Day 4: Hamstrings and Calves
Day 5: Biceps and Triceps

I try to stick to this routine, but to be honest, almost every week is different from the other..
For example; I sometimes only do chest if I don't have enough energy to do both chest and shoulders that day, and then add shoulders another day, or I make it 6 days that week instead.
It doesn't really matter if I workout 3 days and take 1 off, or if I do 5 days in a row and then take 2 days off. It all depends on energy and motivation.


In order to stay in shape even off-season I try to limit my "junk food" and candy-eating to Saturdays. But unfortunately I'm too fond of eating!! Especially candy and Ice cream!! So it often ends with more than just one eating-day...

Before a competition I start my diet about 6 months ahead.
First of all I begin eating more often and smaller meals and get my feet used to all the walking!
I then gradually cut calories (carbohydrates and fat, I always keep my protein intake high!!) and add cardio workout. The last 10 weeks I do one hour powerwalk every morning and 30-60 minutes on the bike after training.

My best weight loss tip is 30-60 minutes power walk before breakfast.
My best weight gain tip is lots of Ice cream!

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